Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Style Icon: Kim

As we make our way across the US, I like to take in the local fashion. First up on our journey is a stop in my hometown in Ohio where I met up with Kim who currently resides in Columbus, Ohio and also happens to be my gorgeous sister!

I'll always remember her in overalls and turtlenecks, but these days Kim would call her style preppy-bohemian. She sticks with classic and conservative pieces but regularly adds casual and comfortable accessories to balance the look. I asked her to pick three outfits that exemplify her style and that she has featured on the Fashioned app.

First, she chose her Paul Smith cardigan that she likes to wear as a way to stay stylish but comfortable. Her favorite local venue is Mac's Cafe and it goes perfectly with the casual but colorful look of the slouchy sweater.

As you can see we had a lot of fun taking snaps of these outfits! The next style is her H&M sweater (similar) and grey AG skinny jeans with some casual accessories. I love the way she pairs a flattering monochrome look with textured accessories to break things up. This is a perfect look that can take her from day to night and she loves to wear this when she visits MoJoe Lounge.

Kim also wanted to show her preppier side with this J. Crew top (similar) and blazer. The classic navy stripes keep the look conservative and adding a pop of color and sparkle keep this outfit from getting boring. This is the perfect brunch outfit for Milestone 229.

Thank you for sharing your awesome style, Kim! For more of Kim's looks you can find her on the Fashioned app @kimkleary.

xxoo jane

Monday, October 28, 2013


How many times have you seen photos of yourself and thought "WHY did I smile like that?!" As we've all experienced, getting that ideal combination of a relaxed yet flattering pose can be so tough. Everyone wants to look their best in pictures, especially on the Fashioned app where others will be checking out your style. I wanted to share one of my favorite posing tricks that I use every time I post a snap: Giraffing. 


The first part of this trick is to clench your teeth- not tightly or strained, but just enough.

Then, you jut your head and neck out as if you were a giraffe reaching up for leaves. It looks ridiculous but this step is key. 

The next tip is to tilt your head down a bit to ensure the camera isn't shooting directly at your neck and chin.

Then, smile! 

It takes a little practice to get comfortable and of course there will be some pictures that are better than others, but the angles will be in your favor!!

xxoo jane

Friday, October 25, 2013

Chambray Upgrade

As fall rapidly settles in, I've found it's important to make layers work while still maintaining some style. Now that I've built Fashioned, I find myself scrolling through the snaps being more and more inspired to take risks and mix pieces in ways that I haven't yet tried.

I've recently acquired this leather DVF skirt and typically wear it with a button down chambray shirt. Because I really like mixing denim with leather, I wanted to try something similar but more comfortable in the cooler weather and pulled out my boxy pullover to give it a shot. I knew that wearing a baggy top and a pleated leather skirt could potentially make me look bigger so by tucking in the front of the top and throwing on a chunky necklace I was able to give it an edge while keeping it flattering.

Madewell top (similar here and here)
DVF skirt (similar, here, here and here)

This fashion-risk win gives me confidence to keep trying new combos and putting twists on my standard style.

xxoo jane

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Booties. They are all the rage right now but for most people they are so hard to wear. Through some trial and error (and error and error) I've conquered a few ways that I can make booties work for me.

First up is ankle bootie. This is my most recent acquisition and the most exciting discovery. Heading into the fall and winter seasons I decided I needed a substitute for my normal black pumps and set out to find an ankle boot. I knew it needed to be low enough to show my ankle ( this was a MUST as the ankle is the skinniest part of your leg) and after hours spent searching the internet you can imagine my shock when I picked up the most perfect pair at my local H&M. The biggest test of course was whether they'd actually be comfortable but after wearing them for hours on end in the following few days I felt no pain! A shoe miracle! I've been so obsessed with these that in addition to wearing them with tights and skirts, I've been wearing them with almost anything I can find- leggings, skinny black jeans and even baggy ripped boyfriends jeans.

The second pair of booties are my old faithful, casual boots, a pair I acquired at a Gilt City Warehouse sale years ago. These are less exciting and were the most difficult to wear and style but once I found the right pants, I was set. It literally took me 5 pairs of skinny jeans to figure out which ones were the right fit for these and it turns out that the looser they were around the ankle, the better they looked.

Last but not least are my second pair of black suede booties. They are wider and taller than my other pairs which I find a little dressier and trendier. I tend to stick to black skinny jeans, leggings and tights as I find them the most flattering with this pair and simply mix up the tops or dresses to give a different look.

Which pair are your favorite? What are your biggest fall fashion challenges?

xxoo jane

Monday, October 21, 2013

On the Road

It's official! We are relocating from Boston to Utah for a change of pace. Stay tuned for our adventures along the way and for local fashion as we trek across the US!

 Where it all began in Boston's North End

Our first stop in Dorset, Vermont

Six city girls bring style to the country

I couldn't think of a more fabulous way to kick off this journey than with a wonderful weekend away with my best girlfriends. Can't wait to share more updates!

xxoo jane

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Four Non-Blondes

A snap of the Boston's Gilt City girls and me at our going away party. I will miss you ladies!!

xxoo jane

Monday, October 14, 2013

Wedding Season: Margaret

With wedding season winding down, I wanted to feature my gorgeous friend Margaret, who has been my wedding buddy this fall. I've known Margaret for 10+ years now and as long as I can remember she has been perfectly pulled together whether it was wearing L.L. Bean slippers and a Patagonia fleece in Maine or looking absolutely breathtaking in her own wedding dress.

photo credit Chip Litherland

We've been to three weddings in five weeks together and she stepped it up by going to a fourth in between! What a whirlwind! The first style I want to feature is a gown that she recently stunned in at our mutual friend's black tie wedding. The key to her look is to keep it simple as the dramatic gown speaks for itself. Colorful earrings and a small clutch are all that are needed to accessorize this look.

The next look is one of my personal favorites- a classic style with a twist- that she wore for an island wedding. I love how she took the simple neckline and mixed it up with a jumpsuit rather than opting for a more formal dress- it's the perfect mix for a casual, fall wedding. And once again, she keeps her accessories neutral and classy in order to highlight the fun, unique jumpsuit.

Margaret- thank you for keeping me company this fall and making every party more fun with you there! And for inspiring us all with your fabulous wedding style!

You can see more of Margaret's fabulous style on Fashioned

xxoo jane

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Style Icon: Bre

When I first met Bre I knew that she had great style and months later she still continues to impress me with her amazing ability to mix simple pieces and make them her own. If I tried to replicate her style I can only imagine that I'd look like a 5 year old getting dressed in the dark but she pulls it off with such ease that it appears effortless. Whether it's leopard print heels with a striped skirt, a feminine leather skirt worn with a simple tee or ripped denim and a leather jacket, she definitely has a style all her own.

Knowing her, you wouldn't be surprised to hear that her style icon is Steven Tyler. Yes, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. Although unexpected, it's the perfect way to sum up her style. And because a picture's worth a thousand words, I've included a few of her iconic outfits below:

For more of Bre's style inspiration, find her on Fashioned @brehoncarey. I know Steven Tyler would be proud!

xxoo jane

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Style Icon: LCQA

While I've always had a love for fashion, it's taken me awhile to really find my place in the fashion world (more about that later.) Luckily, I've been fortunate enough to have had a fashion savvy, go-to girl by my side as I've made my way.

Lauren and I met on the first day of our freshman year of college in Waterville, Maine. There I was, a bold but naive girl from Ohio and there she was, the confident cool-girl from Hawaii who lived in my dorm. We couldn't have appeared more different but we hit it off immediately. Over the years our friendship has evolved and grown but one thing has always remained steady- Lauren's chic and effortless style. Among many lessons, she's taught me how to accessorize, how to wear ripped jeans so they look classy, and most importantly to dress for myself and my body. 

Luckily, LCQA (as she's lovingly known amongst our friends) has done us all a favor and put her genius to words as she now runs the blog Check her out there or @chiclycoastal on Twitter and @lqarmstrong on Instagram for style inspiration and daily musings and steal a bit of her classicly chic style. In her honor, I'd like to share some of my favorites from her blog.

Isn't her style perfection?! You can see more of it by following her on Fashioned @lqarmstrong.

It goes without saying that she's just as cool on the inside as she is on the out and I'm so lucky to have her in my life!

xxoo jane

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Beginning

It all started on a chilly night in December 2012. I was walking with my parents through the North End of Boston (a city I'd lived in for a total of 6+ years), where they were visiting me from Ohio. They mentioned that they had made reservations for a nearby restaurant and although I knew the restaurant, it dawned on me that I had no idea what to wear! With little time to poll my friends, I decided that there needed to be app for what to wear, where. And I was going to build it. And so began my adventures with Fashioned, the app.

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