Monday, October 28, 2013


How many times have you seen photos of yourself and thought "WHY did I smile like that?!" As we've all experienced, getting that ideal combination of a relaxed yet flattering pose can be so tough. Everyone wants to look their best in pictures, especially on the Fashioned app where others will be checking out your style. I wanted to share one of my favorite posing tricks that I use every time I post a snap: Giraffing. 


The first part of this trick is to clench your teeth- not tightly or strained, but just enough.

Then, you jut your head and neck out as if you were a giraffe reaching up for leaves. It looks ridiculous but this step is key. 

The next tip is to tilt your head down a bit to ensure the camera isn't shooting directly at your neck and chin.

Then, smile! 

It takes a little practice to get comfortable and of course there will be some pictures that are better than others, but the angles will be in your favor!!

xxoo jane


  1. Just subscribed! Love you blog!

  2. Love this! Going to practice...

  3. Thank you @catrol and @laurenarmstrong!! xxoo

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