Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Style Icon: Bre

When I first met Bre I knew that she had great style and months later she still continues to impress me with her amazing ability to mix simple pieces and make them her own. If I tried to replicate her style I can only imagine that I'd look like a 5 year old getting dressed in the dark but she pulls it off with such ease that it appears effortless. Whether it's leopard print heels with a striped skirt, a feminine leather skirt worn with a simple tee or ripped denim and a leather jacket, she definitely has a style all her own.

Knowing her, you wouldn't be surprised to hear that her style icon is Steven Tyler. Yes, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. Although unexpected, it's the perfect way to sum up her style. And because a picture's worth a thousand words, I've included a few of her iconic outfits below:

For more of Bre's style inspiration, find her on Fashioned @brehoncarey. I know Steven Tyler would be proud!

xxoo jane