Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Style Icon: Kim

As we make our way across the US, I like to take in the local fashion. First up on our journey is a stop in my hometown in Ohio where I met up with Kim who currently resides in Columbus, Ohio and also happens to be my gorgeous sister!

I'll always remember her in overalls and turtlenecks, but these days Kim would call her style preppy-bohemian. She sticks with classic and conservative pieces but regularly adds casual and comfortable accessories to balance the look. I asked her to pick three outfits that exemplify her style and that she has featured on the Fashioned app.

First, she chose her Paul Smith cardigan that she likes to wear as a way to stay stylish but comfortable. Her favorite local venue is Mac's Cafe and it goes perfectly with the casual but colorful look of the slouchy sweater.

As you can see we had a lot of fun taking snaps of these outfits! The next style is her H&M sweater (similar) and grey AG skinny jeans with some casual accessories. I love the way she pairs a flattering monochrome look with textured accessories to break things up. This is a perfect look that can take her from day to night and she loves to wear this when she visits MoJoe Lounge.

Kim also wanted to show her preppier side with this J. Crew top (similar) and blazer. The classic navy stripes keep the look conservative and adding a pop of color and sparkle keep this outfit from getting boring. This is the perfect brunch outfit for Milestone 229.

Thank you for sharing your awesome style, Kim! For more of Kim's looks you can find her on the Fashioned app @kimkleary.

xxoo jane

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