Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wedding Hair: Sarah

I am so excited to share this story because it has been one of my most fun hair sessions to date. It all started a few months ago when I got an email from my dear friend Sarah describing her disastrous wedding hair trials in Vermont and asking if I would help her with her hair at the wedding. Of course I was thrilled to say yes! I knew I had to make her hair perfect for her big day so I began sending pictures of potential looks, grilling her on what her ideal hair would look like, asking her to describe her hair type and texture and scheduling a hair "trial" of our own the day before the wedding.

As the day of the rehearsal rolled around, we set up shop and while Sarah and our friends sipped wine, I got to work with creating what Sarah described as "loose Kardashian waves." It took a few tries to figure out how her hair held curl, how much hairspray I would need (the answer was always MORE!!) and what shape the hair would take when it finally fell but by the end, I had the vision in mind and of course she looked gorgeous!

rehearsal dinner hair and gorgeousness!

The morning of the wedding we settled into the bridal suite and I began setting Sarah's hair, starting a few inches back from the crown and working my way from front to back on either side, always make sure the curl moved away from the face. To ensure there were no creases in the hair, I rolled the wand and only lightly set the clamp. For the front pieces I removed the clamp and used the iron like a wand, again rolling away from the face. Then to top it all off, I sprayed her entire head with as much hairspray as possible!

 Wedding Day morning! (the before- natural beauty!)
photo credit: Abby Kunhardt

  photo credit: Abby Kunhardt 

Wedding hair!
After taking a quick break to get myself ready I hurried back for some final touch ups and to set the veil. I pinned the front of her hair back to the temples where the caplet veil would be attached and touched up the curls with the iron to ensure they fell nicely around her face. I knew they would fall over time so I set them a little tighter than the look we were going for. I then, (with the help of a friend) held the veil above Sarah's head and lined up the three combs to ensure the veil would rest where we wanted. We pinned one side, then the front and then finally pinned in the other side for the final look! After everything was set in place, we finally headed off to the ceremony to get Sarah into her dress and off to marry her groom!

pre-ceremony wedding hair on the stunning bride-to-be!

Just Married! (the after- pure joy!)
photo credit: Abby Kunhardt

photo credit: Abby Kunhardt

It was such a magical day from beginning to end and I couldn't have felt more honored to be a part of it all! Love you both!

xxoo jane

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