Thursday, February 27, 2014

Home Makeover: Bar Cart

I'm back! After a long winter of settling into SLC, I'm finally posting again after a much needed break. When I'm not skiing or exploring our new city, I'm spending a lot of my free time settling into our apartment. Moving out here means I finally have the space and freedom to decorate exactly how I want and I've taken full advantage of that. One of my favorite pieces to arrange has been my bar cart. (Thanks, mom!) I was expecting to find the perfect piece somewhere glamorous like a vintage store but instead we stumbled upon this cart at Target. And I don't regret it.

I never really had a plan of how to put the cart together and just started grabbing items we had around the house to display. The tumbler and bar pieces were a given; as were the wine glasses.

I grabbed some Pelligrino bottles from the pantry to add some color along with some fun cocktail napkins and straws. Overtime I picked up a Champagne inspired coffee- table book to add some dimension to the cart.

The final touch that I've just recently added to the cart has been the paper tassel garland. I put this together one night to add some more Valentine's spirit to the apartment but have loved it so much that it's going to stay.

The rest of the items seem to rotate on the cart depending on how many bottles of wine we are currently stocking. Right now I'm showing off our copper Moscow  Mule mugs, a bowl of limes and some punchy J.Crew coasters along with fresh flowers.

 I can't wait to keep mixing it up with new colors, flower arrangements and obviously- bottles of wine as the seasons change!!

xxoo jane

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